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Monday, 23 March 2009

free time

i have been working way too hard so i decided to take a little time off, i still have things on my planning that need to been done of course but in between that i will be chilling, reading, painting, making art for the sake of it! My youngest daughter Estée has her 6th birthday this Wednesday so we will be having a fun day then! off to a theme park in the afternoon and eating cake!

i have my divorce tomorrow of course, final day!!! after that i am soooooo single forevvvvvaaaa!

i love being home, my cosy own place where i can see my orchids grow, i am so proud of my orchids!!! they are doing so well; lots of new buds and some beautiful flowers.

i love being able to enjoy my home in peace and quiet, kids off to school during the day, just me and my doggy Jimmy, he sleeps most of the time though, he is so lazy for a Jack Russell!

i had a good workshop this weekend, clear albums and Ranger of course, so a Rangerized Clearbook so to speak! the girls all had fun, and all made different books, i like it when they all go home with their own style, that way i know they really learned something! they don't just copy! it is wonderful to see them all try new things and put up with my bold teaching hihi! i can be strict! i can be hard! i will tell them a thousand times how to ink up a stamp hihi! i teach lots in one class so there is a swift tempo to it! but i always have happy people in the end, people who go away with new things and that is what it is all about! here are some pics from the workshop!

don't forget to send me pics of the finished book before MAY 1st! i will ask some of my followers to choose a winner and the lucky one will recieve a present! so that should be soem incentive to finish your book hihi! have fun with that!

okay! i 'm off to do some shopping before i start painting! there is an echo when i open the fridge hihi!

have a wonderful Spring day! remember to breathe deeply and let go of any crap holding you back and be truly happy and grateful to be here! that is what i tell myself everyday! xox


  1. Tanya...I hope today is a good one! As much as we might love our independence and freedom, divorce is hard so you will be in my thoughts. Take care and nurture yourself.

    Your orchids are gorgeous, btw.

    Peace & Love,
    ♥ Barb ♥

  2. Wat een mooie foto's van de workshop!!!
    Ik laat de inspiratie even tot mij komen en dan werk ik mijn boekje!


  3. Beautiful orchids, Tanya! I'm so jealous!

    You sound so happy and in a better place right now. Lovely! You will survive tomorrow, and move on from there. Thinking of you!!!

  4. Think of tomorrow as a new beginning :-) Good luck, Kate

  5. Thanks for tagging me and hope everything is OK with you. Congrats on your little girls birthday.

  6. Proficiat met de verjaardag van Estée.
    Proficiat met je scheiding:-)
    En nogmaals bedankt voor de toffe workshop vorige zaterdag. Ik ga mijn boekje zo vlug mogelijk afwerken.
    Groetjes, Evelien:-)


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