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Thursday, 12 March 2009


yes yes yes!!! i found that *stupid* missing part of my charger!

hummmm... at the bottom of my... handbag?! i know! terrible really! it was the only place i had not turned upside down! so before going to bed (cos i'm not a quitter!) i simply emptied my handbag onto the table...one GPS, diary/agenda,shoppinglist, reciepts, enough loose change to buy a coffee even in the US hihi, pens, pencils, rulers, yes plural! terrible but i go nowhere without some drawing supplies! 2 notepads, deodorant, 2 bottles of perfume, chapstick(s) paracetemols to last a year! throat tablets,other medication, earphones for my cellphone/mp3, polo mints (don't think i'll eat them!!!gah!) and some more items and then tadadada.... the very last find was the plug part of my charger!!! dancing around like a looney!!
let it be a lesson!!! (note to myself!)

so !!! i hope to get lots of pictures taken at SMAC in the short breaks i will be trying to have!

have a good one! hope you don't have a sore throat, headache and temperature like i am at the moment! causing me to lay awake at four in the morning sipping tea and surfing the net!

good thing i have a strong mind cos the body isn't really working with me hihi!



  1. Oh honey...I hate that you're still feeling icky...but YAY for finding your plug to your charger. *passes you more tea* Try to rest now, okay? *Hugs*
    Peace & Love,

  2. Tanya
    Remember bland and boring till the icky is past. You'll survive on just tea and toast.
    So glad you have your charger - just don't let Robin anywhere near your computer when you get home!!!!!
    Hugs Sue xxx

  3. Yea!! You found it!! Now we will be able to see pics from Paris! I sure hope you are feeling better soon. Some nasty bugs going around.... Be safe and get some rest *when you can!!*

  4. I hate when I can't find thing...It's usualy because I put the item some were "safe".
    Feel better and have a wonderful time in Paris!

  5. Hello Tanya
    I read on Tim's blog that he was on his way to Paris and now I read you are demonstrating there too !

    Hmmm... you didn't have a spare place in your suitcases I guess...

    Enjoy, share and till later !


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