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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Paris Trade Show SMAC

okay, as promised some pics from Paris Trade show SMAC, quickly cause i'm pretty shattered, i didn't sleep all that well last night and it has been a busy day which is a good thing of course.

I had a quick chat with Tim, he was in action as usual
a longer chat with Suze
and she made me a cool piece of Utee art with a happy accident that we both loved to bits!!!
Tim thought we were a bit wacky but hey! we don't care hihi!

i had a few chats with Mario bless his soul, he is the cutest guy ever! i mean that! he is so relaxed it always makes me smile and feel happy when i see him! he like a happy tablet hihi!

it was a busy day but i did take about 45 minutes break to have a bite to eat while i had a look around the show, tomorrow i will do the same. it is not a bad idea to take breaks, the days are long and speaking french the whole time is so damn tiring! hihi at least i try to speak it! don't think it is that good mind! people do understand me so i'm okay, i can live with it!
i'm going to jump into the shower, then off to bed with a film on my laptop and a nice cup of tea.
hope i'm not up all night because of the food i had, i tried to keep it low fat and simple so wish me luck.
talk to you soon
xox au revoir


  1. You look like your having such a blast! I know it's tiring but it's all something that you're so fortunate to be going through. YAY!
    Hugs and have fun.
    Peace & Love,

  2. bonjour Tanya
    Lovely photos of you and Suze and Mario.Say hello to them for me and give Mario a cuddle - not too difficult- he is such a cutie! You're looking so much better, although you look like you might have lost some weight. Enjoy the next couple of days - pace yourself and you'll be OK. Your Memory necklace is lovely.
    au revoir sweetie Sue xx

  3. Yes, do take care of yourself! Enjoy the Paris journey!! I look forward to more pics when you are home and rested! Wishing you many peaceful ZZZZZZZZZZ's!!!


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