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Thursday, 9 April 2009


okay then! i'll be off to Spain shortly so i might not be blogging for the next week unless i can use Sue's connection, if we even have time that is, i'll see!
if not sooner, you will hear from me when i get back!
in the mean while, for those who haven't commented on my previous post, you still can if you like! when i get back i will be choosing a lucky winner to a little present... you can get yourself into the draw by commenting.

i'm still dreading the flight slightly but i am invincible as i keep telling myself!!!! invincible!!!

have a great Easter and a lovely week

tarrah for now
xox tanya


  1. Tanya, you are invincible...and you will have a safe flight! Hope all is well and your daughter has returned safely! xoPaula

  2. Tanya,

    Kwens je een deugddoende vakantie toe, geniet van alles!!!

    Tot later op FB!


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