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Friday, 17 April 2009

i'll post soon

hi, can't really post at he moment, my back is hurting like hell and i really don't feel like sitting at the computer too long! i'll post soon, my physical therapist is on the case hihi!

have a super weekend, hope the sun comes out to play!
xox tanya


  1. Hi sweetie
    Sorry to hear that your back is hurting really badly still. What has your physical therapist done to help?
    Maybe you should give the weekend a miss and just do the absolute minimum and rest loads. Your trip here was meant to be a rest as well as a holiday!!! Sounds like you need another one!
    Take care
    Big hugs
    Sue x

  2. hmmmm... yes, what exactly is that physical therapist doing?? I hope you mend quickly! Sending a hot pack your way.....

  3. hiya, my therapist has started treating my back with massage, hot packs, infra red light and accupressure or something like that anyway, pressing certain points to make the muscles relax! hurting me though! omg! it is pretty painful when he is pressing but then it does help once i get passed the pain.
    everyday next week i'll be having treatment and hopefully i'll be fine for the weekend!!

    i hope my body soon gets used to these new soles in my shoes and my new way of walking and standing.

    xox tanya

  4. All of that sounds very relaxing....except the pain part!! I'll keep checking back on you!!


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