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Monday, 6 April 2009

light heart bright soul

Yesterday i had the most wonderful day outside with the kids, working in the garden, they helped a bit and they played lots. it was perfect weather, t-shirt and shorts weather! not that i wear shorts!!!
I planted my very first strawberries ever, giving it a go seeing i do live in Haspengouw which is the fruit region of Belgium! i planted lots and lots of pretty flowers, bulbs really, so i will be able to watch them grow into flowers! i cleaned the pond, swept the garden path, very symbolic for me, sweeping away the remains of a Winter filled with many changes, some troublesome, some for the best, some nice, some unexpected, some i saw coming, anyway, all swept away leaving a clean open path.
we had dinner outside, i just love eating outdoors, it gives such a sense of freedom and being part of nature, huge open sky, warmth on your skin, breeze through your hair, oh well, you can tell by now i am an outdoor's girl. I feel closer to the Universe when i'm outside.

i did some more drawing in my pencil art journal, i discovered that i cannot use my blending pencil on this paper! damn, it makes strange marks on my faces, too bad but they will now have to stay that way, they look weathered, maybe from the great outdoors? a lesson learned!
not the best pic here but non the less, here is my " no way back" girl, she has decided to open her heart to possibilities, as you can see on her face she is still getting used to her own idea but believes in it and will not hide from it. determinde as ever to make her life her own.this girl is rising above it all feeling free and light of heart, letting her Soul lead the way on her free and wonderful journey. she has a bright Soul and spreads love being free of burden.
(my flying doll is totally inspired by Suzi Blu! what a chick!)

more journaling will be added at the bottom but it was way past midnight when i put her down last night.

today the Sun is shining again, so i'm off to get these tv-watching kids dressed to go play outside and get some wonderful colour to their cheeks. i need to do some more weeding and cleaning up in the garden before i head off for my girly holiday in Spain with my friend Sue!!! only a few more sleeps!!!! the only thing i am dreading is the flight! i hate flying, honestly i am so scared of taking off and landing! i have never flown on my own before so it is an adventure and a huge challenge for me, one i am of course going to take because i have told myself that i can do it! i am invincible! :-) and i have a middle seat between two strangers! i can hardly cry and panic while sitting between strangers! and who knows, there might be a really cute single guy sitting next to me hihi. on the return flight i have a window seat! i am going to love that, once we have taken off that is!

anyway! i'm off to the garden!!!
you all have a wonderful day filled with pretty things and love!!!
xox tanya

ps if you were to leave a comment today i might just decide to pick a lucky person to recieve a little something....


  1. Tanya,
    Pretend you're on a train or a bus and you'll be fine on the flight. Talk to the strangers - it will take your mind off what else is going on...and I'll be waiting at the other end for you. Just remember to keep breathing and you'll be fine. Big hugs xxxx

  2. I love your new pages, and your new prospective. You truly are invincible!! You can do anything you set your mind to!! You are woman!! *smile*
    That includes flying. I used to absolutely hate it, but I've managed to get past it. Listen to Sue... just keep breathing! Enjoy your adventure! Can't wait to hear about it! Have cocktail for me!!! XXX

  3. Ooooh, I'm with you on the flying thing. Much happier with feet on terra firma :-) But don't let it get in way of a fabbie holiday. Think of it as part of the adventure. Without flying we'd all be stuck and don't forget, driving a car is way way more dangerous but we all do that all the time! Kate

  4. Hi Tanya,

    Be gratefull that i'm not in the seat next to you on the plane. We would be terrified together ;-)
    Enjoy the holiday in Spain (Song from BLOF).
    In the meanwhile i'm sad because the rangerized part 2 is postponed:-(

    But anyway . Have a great Holiday.

    Greetings Monique

  5. Seems we've been doing some similar things !
    Gardening and enjoying the garden... a different way of being creative !

    Did you see Suzi started a new "petitdollsbeginners" course : different than the first one..; I couldn't resist to subscribe ...although I haven't draw as many pretty girls as you did already !!!!
    I just love to see her create in her videos and I always learn something that settles in my mind until there is a time I need it...

    have a nice girlsvacation !
    Where in Spain are you going to ? I only flew once in my life ( pffff... I was very very happy to have my feet on the earth again..) and it was to Barcelona !

    till later

  6. Your girl is beautiful! I can't wait to do a little sketching myself...soon.

  7. Sjieke dinges, wou dat ik ook zo kon vliegen zonder zorgen, gedragen door de wind naar een wereld waar we onszelf kunnen zijn!


  8. heel leuk dat je zo alles van je kan af tekenen in je travelboekje
    om niet te kunnen tekenen zoals je zelf zegt breng je het er wel fantastisch vanaf;-)

  9. I love to fly! When the plane starts speeding down the runway just before the wheels leave the ground...I give a big sigh, knowing I'm off on an adventure.
    Have a wonderful time in Spain!


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