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Thursday 29 January 2009

winner blog give away!

and the winner is.......... DOLLS123!!! i don't know her real name, i know she lives in California! i've already mailed her to find out more about her so my gift will suit her!

thanks everyone for commenting on the give away post, many of you are reading but not commenting

i like having a give away! i like making a present for someone once in a while so i'll be doing these give aways more often, and for no special reasons hihi! just when i feel like it! when i'm in a giving mood haha!

i'm thinking of starting a blog challenge too, just thinking! i have so much on my plate at the moment so... that is for an other day.

here is my journal page from yesterday... i'm still on my red, orange and yellow colours which a really good thing!

you can click on the pic to see the details if you like! ( i think?!)

we were talking about Paris Hilton yesterday! about her entering the Scap world! bling and all!

Good for her!

so i had to use some really blingy Glitz stickles from Ranger ! i had to!! hihi!

It's a kind statement!

Be yourself and let them be theirselves!

xox tanya

Wednesday 28 January 2009

blog give away!!!!

4999 unique visits to my blog so far! so i'm thinking! nr 5000 will not take long!so.... i'm having a give away!!!!just comment to this post, i'll will draw a lucky winner on Thursday, so the chance to comment will stay open till Wednesday midnight! that is Brussels time so calculate the time zone hihi!good luck! and the gift will be a suprise!make sure i have an emal address to reach you -for your details

Monday 26 January 2009

i altered the front of my tote

* click on pic for larger image*

my tote was a mess, a few years ago i had put letters on the front and it was really cool at thetime but now it was messy, parts hanging off! i disgrace! i really couldn't travel witht this tote any longer so i came up with the idea of putting canvas on the front and mixed media-ing the whole front!

i would have loved to have Claudine's Sticky back canvas to fit but that was not possible so i took canvas from a roll and cut to size. i used gesso, multi medium, paper i inked with Ranger dye inks and brayer, i used scrapbook paper, Claudine's wonderful paints! i honestly love!!!! these paints to death! i used perfect pearls, Grungeboard, Tim Holtz stamps and pieces, i put on a Petite doll on paper first and then gel mediumed her on, i like the doll on this! she looks so cute (says the artist hihi!)

i am honestly very happy with how it turned out! i will be proud to take my tote anywhere now!


4999 unique visits to my blog so far! so i'm thinking!

nr 5000 will not take long!

so.... i'm having a give away!!!!

just comment to this post, i'll will draw a lucky winner on Thursday, so the chance to comment will stay open till Wednesday midnight! that is Brussels time so calculate the time zone hihi!

good luck! and the gift will be a suprise!

make sure i have an emal address to reach you -for your details

xox tanya

Saturday 24 January 2009

another checking in before...

another checking in before the madness of a new week begins!

some time ago my little boy accidentally poured a cup of coffee over my precious laptop and those things do not take coffee you know! so bye bye laptop and bye bye over 500 pics of Ranger, New Jersey and New York, so sad!

i got sad news that 'llprobably never be able to get my pics off the laptop so for that i am still sad really but i kind of already had figured that and had nearly come to terms with it!

not that i am giving up,

i might still find some wizkid who knows how to reach them on my harddrive.

anyway! as a single mam with four to feed and crisis all over the world my common sense kind of wouldn't allow me buy a new laptop soooooo i decided to buy a mini version!
a cute little ACER ONE ASPIRE A150
it doesn't do everything my old laptop or my desktop does but it does let me go to internet, skype, facebook, msn, my blog, emails, it has Windows XP on it! yahoo for that! i can still upload pics onto it, so it does pretty much everything i want to do when on the road and away from home! so i'm realllllly happy with it! it weighs 800gr, really light! it fits into my handbag! it really does, so cute! and it is CORAL PINK!!!! so haha! i'm pleased with it!

and i got my hands on all the books following Twilight! i bought them all so i have some fun hours of reading ahead of me when i'm travelling and staying in hotels!

my ankle is less swollen, i fit into my hushpuppie boots once again! i am SOOOOO pleased with that!!! means i can wear a skirt! yes! my Timberlands do not rule my life any longer hihi! I will still wear them most of the time cos they do give more support to my ankle but hey! i can wear a skirt once in a while :-)

and i recieved this award from Nadia
and i recieved this Marie-Antoinette award twice! from Nadia and from Evelien

the idea is to pass them onto others of course!!

I'll have to come back on that when i have more time, at the moment 'm swamped with work!!

a page from my art journal

speak to you all soon!!!

see some of you very soon hihi!

Thursday 22 January 2009

i want to promote this artist!

i would like to take five minutes to promote my friend Sammy Merayah www.myspace.com/merayah he totally Rocks!

okay! i know i'm a rock chick really, but still, his dance sounds even make me move!!

He started making and mixing music at an early age, i know this because he was my neighbour for many years and his room was next to my baby girl's room! need i say more!!!! haha!

i forgive him!

He is doing well as i always imagined he would!

i'm really happy for him so i wanted to give him a mention on my blog!

All artists need support and i wish him great success!

xxxWay to go Sammy!xxx

Wednesday 21 January 2009

checking in!

hiya! just a quick checking in !
things are so wonderfully hectic at the moment, tons of work to do, mostly preps at the moment: samples for several evens, kits to make for several events! lots of kits! lists to send, info mails to send, a magazine article to finish, huhhh start really, the idea is still in my creative brain waiting to be put into action.

Every year it's the same, New Year has barely passed, no time to even consider what to do with this new year! no!just full on... straight ahead ...right into action! isn't it great?! I love it!

Mind you! i do feel the stress, sometimes it's a positive incentive to keep going even late at night but some days my body reacts! like this morning i looked at myself in my "be a star" mirror and saw some funny looking things under my eyes! ohhhh are they eyebags??????? oh dear! that's a first! can't have that yet! so this evening i'm setting my alarm to go to bed!!! good idea huh!? so at 10.30 my alarm will tell me to finish up for the night and i should be in bed by 11!! let's see if that works for a couple of days cause this coming weekend is my last "free" weekend in a long time after this it's work work work for weeks on end... i need to keep looking good hihi!
But hectic as it is i do try and stand still once in a while, just long enough to take good long deep breaths, look around me, notice the beauty even it is only from my window! this is the view from my workspace at 8 O clock this morning. Skies seem to be very inspiring to me lately, skies and music...lots of musicwell, as said, just checking in! back to work for me now, i've calculated my to-do-list for today will take me 11 hours to finish so i better get cracking!!! maybe i should set an alarm to eat too? i've got an alarm set for the schoolbus! last week i almost forgot to get the kids from the bus!
okay! hope you are all fine! have a wonderful day! stop to see the beauty!

Thursday 15 January 2009

creative journaling

just a quick pic of the page i did in my art journal today , letting off some steam...
my way of taking a deep breath of fresh air
click on the pic to get a closer look if you like


hiya, i've had complaints about me not blogging these last few days haha! yes! you Sue!

thing is, i've got loads on my plate at the moment. Coming up to February is always a hectic time, lots of samples to finish, workshops, scrapweekend, KKD, article for magazine, just lots to do all in the same 24 hours a day!

i try to fit in some own art time aswell, i do as much creative journaling as i can.

i will share this picture with you! i used it on one of my pages! i love this picture so much it just touches me for some reason. a Belgian friend who is now staying in Goodyear Arizona for a while shared this with me, he took the picture and i'm so grateful for it. so thanks J.

I truly love the sky in this picture, it is scarey and exciting at the same time! how can that little plane just be standing there, patiently,.... i bit like my life at the moment haha! no, i'm not going there just now!

i'll speak to you all soon!

Friday 9 January 2009

i've been tagged

i few days ago my Arizona Sheri, http://littleblackscrapcat.blogspot.com/ tagged me, so here i am to share 5 of my addictions and tag 5 other lucky people hihi!

i had a think about my addictions! i have a few, nothing bad but addictions they are

here goes

# 1 i'm pretty addicted to Ranger! not suprised? ohhhh! can't imagine why not! Ranger just seems to do it for me, it's the whole deal ,the products, the range, the colours the packaging, the designers, the people there, it is just up my alley! i love their concept of colour ranges, i love that their products leave so much space for own inventions and purpose.
so i'm addicted to Ranger!

#2 i'm addicted to notebooks, blank notebooks with pretty or not so pretty covers, i don't care, i keep the pretty, i alter the not so pretty! but i need to have a stack of blank books so that i feel i can start a new story whenever a feel like it! i don't collect them , i actually use them, i love blank books. something about starting a fresh one, all possibilities lying open for me to choose.

#3 i'm addicted to CADBURY'S for you who do not know what i am on about, it is English chocolate, the most beautiful chocolate in the universe! i know many will totally disagree and that is okay ( i know better!) i live in Belgium, known for it's chocolate but no!!! i love my English Cadbury's, milk chocolate, fruit & nuts, crunchie, flakes! OMG... hang on! i'm off to get some from the cupboard

#4 Grey"'s anatomy! i'm addicted to that! i loooooooooooooove Grey's anatomy, it makes me cry more often than not but ohhhh i love it! totaaly addicted, i will never miss an episode and i watch again and again on dvd, oh and the music is simply brilliant!

# City of Angels! the film with Nicholase Cage , hummmmmmm........ Nicholase Cage, ..... ohhhhh dear! oh and Meg Ryan. i adore this film! really truly adore this film it makes me cry everytime, every 600 and something times :-) i love watching Nicholas Cage! i think he is wonderful and handsome and yet again, i know many will disagree and go fot Brad Pitt or Goerge Clooney! not me! it me and Nic, his voice! his moves ohhhhhh i'm melting.... sorry! and yet again! the soundtrack is brilliant! one of my fav cd's, even 11 years later!!

so there you have s few of my addictions, now i'm just wondering if my Nic should be at #1?????ohhhh i'll just leave it , you all get the message!

now for the second part, i'm going to tag 5 of my friends to have a think about their "addictions"

Suzi, Sue, Aimee, Michelle and Patty, have fun girls!!!!

oh and i am happy to say that when dear Tim, king of inks is coming to the netherlands, i'm so lucky to de doing a workshop with him the day after the event at Kars! am i lucky or what? anyone just a touch jealous? no? :-)

i'm off to have a quiet weekend, the little ones are at their dad's for the weekend so that means i get to sleep in! yeah sure! i'll be up at 8 anyway!

have a great weekend!

xox tanya

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Fresh start

Clean ,white and fresh beginnings

Happy New Year! i know i'm a little late but there you go.
you all have my best wishes for 2009 but really just for every day of your life!
i got super nice news today! i'was supposed to be demoing at Kars in February but today i recieved a phonecall! Mister Tim Holtz will be doing the demo! I will be doing make & takes together with Chantal Vander Kant. Kind of short notice but what the heck! Tim is coming and that is so SUPER! i'm really pleased! we all have so much to learn from our King of Inks.

so now i'm cooking up a workshop for 18 people at a time, 45 minutes, two full days in a row, adds up to about 320 kits! quite a big deal but i think i've managed to find something cool to do with Grungeboard, inks, paints and masks. can't tell of course!needs to be a suprise for all the store owners! so if you are a store owner and you are going to KKD then be sure to sign up for the FAB RANGER make & take with us!
ohh i played with UTEE and my fab melting pot!!!!
i tried the Leandra beads! pfff at first they looked more like rocks from out of space instead of beads hihi! they were ridiculously huge and misformed! OMG! but my very old-fashioned saying, i use alot in workshops! is: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! so i kept on trying and i did end up with a bunch of beads that can pass as beads. i haven't got them on picture yet! might do that later, on the other hand they may never see daylight. it was fun trying though i do not get the candyfloss movement SUZE! i really don't, you'll have to show me that in real life dear!

i made some cool art with dominos and Utee, first atempt at this, i haven't done much with Utee yet, just the things i learned from Suze at Ranger U
so yesterday i had a play with decorating dominos and applying Utee by dipping and then i decided to pour! ohhh i loved that bit! i have much to learn! i admit! but i love these domino hangers! i drilled a hole in one before pouring the Utee and of course!!! hole filled up with Utee so i need to re-do the drilling but i'm pretty pleased with them.
the silver one is a domino covered with metal foil, alcohol ink, little word thne Utee, and some bedazzles, it looks way nicer in real life, you can see through the layer of Utee and it is such a cool effect.
the other two i applied alcohol inks straight onto the domino and collaged, i added a drop of orange "to dye for" to the Utee to get a cool colour!
now! i'm sure SUZE would do a far better job on this and i'm hoping she will!! and make a video and teach me and you how to do it the right way haha!!
these pictures are not the best, you cannot see all the great details but i couldn't get it any better, i'll try again tomorrow
bye for now!
what's the temp like in your part of the world? in my part of Belgium it is -18 °c at the moment! is pretty cold for this country!!!