Ranger educator

Tuesday 7 July 2009

checking in

oh dear i haven't really taken time to blog! and i recieved a lovely award from Sanda but still need to put it on here and choose some wonderful blogs to pass it on to, but not today, i am so tired :)

The kids are home for the holidays so i'm spending lots of time with them, making art at night most of the time but missing out on a bit of sleep lol

i painted this Queen yesterday and sat up till late embossing her dress and crown from Ten seconds Studio metal, i love that stuff, i used Claudine Hellmuth paints and Tim's stamps for the background and then added Grungeboard wings.
voila! my shortest post ever! and now i might take a little cat nap ... lol
have a great week!!!! do some fun things!!! ( you now know i probably won't be blogging till next week haha!)

Thursday 2 July 2009

sooo hot!

oh just checking in! it is way tooooooo hot to make any art!!!

i did draw this pic while the kids were playing at the indoor playground (too hot to be outside!)

i actaully signed up for a portrait class with suzi Blu, starting soon, looking forward to that, i can't wait to learn some 'real' faces and make my own, that is the best thing about Suzi's classes, you learn so much from her but end up making your own faces and not copies of hers! i like that!

oh, i had a mojito last night, celebrating a certain pilot passing his exam!!!!

so damn proud of you J!

right! off to put some water in the kiddie's paddeling pool and jump in after them, this weather is killing me, lol

all having a nice Summer?

love, tanya xox