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Wednesday 8 June 2011

getting there

i can't believe i haven't written since March! life has just been passing me by mostly.
i am done with the chemo, so happy to be able to say that! it was long and hard but it's over!!
now i'm doing the radiotherapy, 8 more goes of the 26 i needed so that too is nearly done with!
my hair is starting to grow back, i have peach fuzz on my head lol, the kids call me fluffy!
my body still aches, i'm still extremely tired most days but i'm happy and hopeful.
i don't know the outcome yet, my first tests are in August, a painful wait but i'm just going to live and try not to think about it!
right, short post, i just wanted to update because alot of people have been getting worried, wondering how i have been doing.
oh, last week i started to paint, i'll show when i'm finished.
love & peace
tanya xxx