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Monday 9 December 2013

embrassing changes!

mid november i flew back to Belgium for ten days, it was nice to see some of my friends and family because i had been feeling a little homesick. 
while i was there i had my final interview at the US embasy for my resident visa, it was nerve racking cause it's a matter of someone having last say about your future. But three hours later the kids and I came out with our tickets to pick up our visas two days later, it was a weight off of my shoulders!!

So on Thanksgiving we flew back to the US, our new home!! the plane was almost empty so we got to use the whole row! kids took a window seat each and i could take a nap streched over the three middle seats! it was so peaceful, the kids were glued to their screens the whole 9 hours and 20 minutes of the flight.

Im still doing my best to feel at home, i love the house we rented but seeing that it is only for a year because we want to buy our own next year, its hard to make it a home. i dont know if i should hang things on the wall or not, should i unpack all the boxes or just leave some things packed?

well, seeing we couldnt do Thanksgiving dinner on the actual day, I decided to do it this past weekend.
So yesterday we had turkey and tofurky roast for me, sweet potatoes with pecan crunch topping, roast potatoes, honey glazed carrots and parsnip, homemade cranberry sauce, chedder roasted broccoli, green beans, chocolate-bourbon-pecan pie and pumpkin pie cake.

we all said our thanks and it was just the kind of family occasion to make it feel like home. my little girl made a speech on how thanful she is that i am her mim, it was so moving! she is so special!!!

Christmas helps too! i searched for the perfect tree, bought new lights cause my old ones obviously only work with 220 volt! decorated the tree with some new and some old decorations plus the souvenirs we got in London and disney paris and my little irish fairy that i bought on my roadtrip to Ireland with my daughter Debby in 2011, after my cancer treatment.

i do miss my eldest kids Inez, Bart and Debby! i hope that one year they can manage to come over for Christmas. That would be the best gift ever!!

well for now, the kids are off to school, hubby at work, im still dealing with a bad cold so im going to cuddle up on the sofa with a nice hot cup of english tea and catch up on some recorded tv.

wishing you all wonderful holiday preperations!

love & peace xxx tanya