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Wednesday 22 January 2014

I've been distracted!

I was absent the last part of 2013, I had a bit of a health scare! My blood results came back with elevated tumour markers at the end of November and I had to find an oncologist here in the states to follow me up! 
He did a new blood test and another tumour marker came up too high so you.can imagine my panic!

Mammo and ultrasound showed my breast and my belly boob (that's what I call my reconstructed boob!) to be clear!

Bone scan came back suspicious so on to an MRI! They found bone cysts on my hips but they say that they are benign! Also osteoarthritis on my hips and lower back, but more on my hips! Oh and my hip is dislocating! Hence the pain I am in!

I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon next week, see what happens there!

So, no cancer! I'm trying to believe that but I have this strange gut feeling that I just can't get rid of!
Everyone says to get a second opinion but that is not that easy with the bloody insurance!!

In the meantime I got my visa so I was a proper resident of the United States!
The other week I receive my green card! All I need now is my social security number! They messed that up during the visa proces!
Then I need to get my drivers licence, I have to do the test because my license is not valid in the states pfff! Ah well, see how that goes lol!

My birthday and Xmas was pretty overshadowed by the cancer scare so it wasn't a really nice Xmas!
But I did get a doggy just before new year! 
She is a little miniature pincher chihuahua mix, we rescued her from the shelter. She is almost six months old now and she is such a doll! I spoil her like crazy, she is my baby lol

In the shelter they had named her Foxy because of the way she looks but I have named her ROXY!
She is my little buddy, goes with me everywhere, I carry her in a pouch and she rides along to pick up the kids from school. She is so good in the car!

Okay Lisa Kettell design team project!
Go over to her wonderful blog and check out my canvas art! Enjoy!


 I've also been crocheting my little heart out!! Check these out!
My cutie cosies! You can order by sending me an email as I have not placed on Etsy yet. $12 + shipping

Also these fabulous boot cuffs! They are super trendy! $ 16 a pair plus shipping 

And I've been doing granny squares! So relaxing, I do them while waiting in the pick up line at school lol!  I have made a beautiful throw with them for our sofa and am now making a bedspread in pink and Bordeaux.

Well that's all folks!

Love and peace

Tanya xxx