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Monday 21 December 2009

winner birthday draw

today is my birthday so as promised, i put all the names of my wonderful followers into a pot closed my eyes

pulled out one name

LBSC is short for... little black scrap cat aka Sherri!!!

Sherri i hope you are pleased,

send me your address and you will be recieving a little painting of mine soon, i will make one escpecially for you, i like to feel who i am painting for and with you that won't be a problem.

ok folks that was it.

all have a wonderful Christmas!


Friday 18 December 2009

sticky back canvas flower

remember my flower on tag 12?

made with sticky back canvas instead of Grungepaper? well, i showed it to Claudine (Hellmuth) and she loved it, she is so sweet! so i am getting another link in her next linky shout. and some of you have asked for a tutorial!!! i will be doing one soon, very soon, promise! i've got to finish translating tim's tags first, he was so sweet to give me permission to do so for my Belgian readers who would love to understand every singlel detail seeing that google translater does some funny things to the language at times :)

i got all the goodiebags out the door, hope they have arrived, UK ones might take a few days.

my painmeds got upped again, yes, again! my foot is proving to be very stuborn.

got alllll my Xmas shopping done today, yes that hurt my foot loads but hey it had to be done! and it is, i am proud to say that all is wrapped and sitting under the tree,
big sigh of relief going on here!

i am not happy when it comes to showering! i can't! i have no hot water, the boiler has given upon us and it seems it going to be a very difficult call in getting it fixed or replaced, really hard when you have little kids and especially a six year old with waistlong hair!

try washing that in the kitchen sink!

it's a bummer! all i can say!
see these tatoos? i love them! i want them! smaller, lots smaller! closer together and in a hidden place, hip or something. don't know if i am getting them lol! but i want to! :)

what else have i got to tell?
oh my birthday is sooooon so if you are not yet a follower to my blog then maybe you want to become one before Monday! because on my birthday, which is huuuhhh... on Monday lol i will be giving one lucky follower a present.
have a great weekend and if you have kids you will know that Christmas holiday has started, school reports were handed over to mammy today, they were good, proud of my kids, always, no matter what, but yeah they did well, cool!
right, enough chatting!
have a great weekend

Tuesday 15 December 2009

yes! here they are! tag 11 & 12 of Xmas

still feeling a bit under the weather but i managed to get these two finished. working in my living room where it is nice warm and i didn't want to drag all my supplies there so my last two tags have the same colour scheme lol... just so you know why.
tag 11!

of couse i had to improvise on the button but i wanted to make it look a bit like it cos i like the concept of the covered brads!!! so i covered a button with stickyback

canvas, imitating the pattern Tim used, pretty easy to draw really. i painted it with dab of yellow CH studio paint, stamped with archival black and adhered to the flower with matte accents ' yes that glues just as good as the gloss lol)

instead of the cute reindeer that i haven't got! i got some harlequin grungeboard letters, rubbed them in places with distress embossing ink and embossed with fine back embossingpowder, inked with fired brick! i love this combo!!!! going to use it again for sure!! bold! i love it! keeping in the same colour i did my tag with fired brick, black soot and aged mahogany, splashed, dried and stamped snowflakes with fired brick.
added the black flower and leaf and a little word on the button, voila!

tag 12

the grungepaper flower!!!!

well i have done so many of tem that i really felt like trying a new thing here! i had the stickback canvas at hand remember! soooo i hand-cut the flowers from the canvas, painted with dab of yellow and dash of red, both CH studio paints, watered down just a little.

colour looks way stronger cos of the flash on my camera, dark day again... sorry

i think this flower has room for improvement, needs to be done a little differently than with grungepaper but i am going to perfect it cos it looks really neat and so different with the canvas look, pretty pleased with myself :)

done!!! all twelve done! what am i going to blog about now????

it was been fun though, more blogging, more response, sharing, visiting blogs! intense but nice.

now i need to get all the tags on one pic to send to Tim

and give myself the chance to win his big prize :)

but first...i'm going to take a little nap before the kids get home!

thanks all for joining me on my twist on the magnificant 12 tags of Christmas by Tim Holtz!


Monday 14 December 2009

still no tag 11 & 12

i know i promised the last two tags, truth is: i am shattered, i feel every single little muscle in my body, think i am getting ill.
i did work on the tiny art pieces for the 5 goodiebags, no they have not yet left the building but thet will by the end of the week for sure! even tiny tag artwork takes time! here's a sneak peek, not yet finished but you get the idea

my five blue hair angels, backgrounds are bare but as i said, unfinished.

i had already told you all that i had a friend here for the weekend, she wanted to help make some things to remember her father by.

as soon as we were going through the photo's i picked these two out, her father with herself as a baby and with her daughter as a baby, they are almost identical, the way he is looking, holding the baby, it just felt like the right match for this canvas.

her dad didn't like too many frills and things so i kept it simple,

painted the Prima paintable with distress inks.

stamped the letters on grungeboard (tim's stamps) cut out and embossed with distress powder to give them a rough look.

then i did a book, my friend helped with this, keeping in mind she is not a crafter lol! she did well on distressing the edges of the pages and the photo's.
again, i kept it simple, gessoed the cover and painted with cranberry dabber and dry brushed with pearl and gold, on top of eachother they give a more platinum look, i like that.

i glued pages together with CH matte medium because the pages were very thin, i stamped backgrounds with vintage photo and aged maghony, using lots of my Tim's stamps.
we added tags that she will write on at home.
it was an emotinal weekend for both of us, heavy to be honest
but i am glad i could help her and she is happy.
i am a little drained though, suppose it's normal.
on a lighter note (and i am getting tired of sitting up, really feeling ukky!)
here is the finished advents houses i made for Hobbyfarm.
the roofs can be taken of by undoing the ribbon.
i inked and stickled the roofs, they look so adorable in real life.
there you have it!
i'm shattered so end of blog post
i will not promise the tags for tomorrow, no idea how i will be feeling, but you never know, they might be here so come back and look just to make sure you don't miss them
have a good evening, mine will be a short one, off to bed early i think.

Sunday 13 December 2009

blog candy over on the artistic stamper

just a quick post to let you know about the wonderful giveaway over on Jennies blog here's the link: http://theartisticstamper.blogspot.com/
i will make and post my 11th & 12 tag here tomorrow.
now go visit Jennie! she too made the twelve tags so it is nice to see her take on them too.

Friday 11 December 2009

no Tag 11 yet

hello hello, no! no tag today! owwwwww untthinkable nearly! but you know what? i had a bit of me-time in the city with a friend today, hanging out, drinking coffee, bit of shopping, lunch, you know just ahhhhhhhhh relaxing time. no time to make tags or anything else, didn't even cook!!! got pizza instead. so a lovely lazy day alllll day! so proud of myself.
i did finish an angel painting last night, the light was really bad today but i took a picture anyway, doesn't really show the true colours, the ochre in her face is really very very subtle in real life, strange how it is so hard in this pic, ah well here it is anyway.
she is an adorable red head angel, apparently i do a lot of red heads... now where does my inspiration for that come from i wonder... i had a nice time painting her, lovely new golden fluids mixed with my studio paints by Ranger of course and i have some wonderful Sterward Gill paints on their way from Scotland, can't wait to get them in !! they are sooooo beautiful, can't even describe them, you need to see them for yourself!

ah the flowers on the windowsill inside are dead! i know, i should throw them out huh!
but see how my geraniums are still flowering strong outside!!! December i might add! see this is where the ochre in her face is harsh but not in real life i promise you :)
the wings are very textured so i didn't beeswax them,
all the rest of this 60X30cm painting was waxed

bit too dark picture to see the lettering at the bottom! it says EMBRACE in nice bright red really ( i might have to take a better pic tomorrow of the weather decides i can)

she is telling me to embrace love,she is holding my heart, she is reminding me to embrace all the love around me, the love in my heart even if i don't realize it at times, there are so many things to love, it is not always about romance now is it? lol i am in love with my paints for example, i enjoy painting so much, it just feels right and makes me happy and carefree., i love my children of course, goes without saying that! i love my doggy, did you notice him in the background, too lazy to be bothered about me painting pretty angels.

ok tags, cos there is a fat chance you came to see my take on Tim's 11th Xmas tag!

Monday! i will post the last two tags on Monday, i am having a friend over this weekend and we will be working on a personal item for her to remember her father by, so no time for tags.
you understand.
hope you all have a great weekend, see you on Monday! xxx
still time to start following my blog!

Thursday 10 December 2009

Tag 10 quick quick

first of all, i love Ti'ms colourful tag!!!i only have one fillable pen with cranberry in it so i went for the one colour on my tag which makes it totally diffferent than with the colour blocks. i did go back in the end with some wild plum on a felt but it isn't so easy cos of he thickness of the grungeboard letters so i got a real random look which is actually pretty but does not show on pic at all. i went with an espresso dabber instead of the black, just felt a little too harsh with my one colour. i wanted to add some stickles somewhere... hummm might still rub some on.
i have been playing with Ten Second Studio metals for a while now but i didn't have the metal foil so i had to use cheapy narrow metal and put down strokes of it! and it was way too thin and ripped so i needed to put down a second layer, you see, a tag with issues lol but still fun even with my limitations of materials. we did something like this at Ranger U and i loved it then too! In 2010 it will be turning up on some of the classes so watch out. there is something relaxing about embossing metal... aaaahhh
well, anyway, my tag much prettier in real, pic is not doing it any justice at all but i am not going to take a new pic lol i am in painting mode!!! painting ANGELS!!! maybe that is why the tag is a quick quick version. i want to paint!!!! what can i say? i'm having fun with the big wings and the soft faces and the light coming from all around... ok you get the picture, you know what kind of mood i'm in lol

oh and angel in the ba&ck is nowhere near finished so don't judge her apperiances just yet :)

off to my physical therapist for some pain and suffering no doubt! thne back to painting

hope your day is a supercool one! xxx

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Tag 9 poor darling xxx

oh i like today's tag alot! the poor screaming kid!!

as usual, my version of tim's wonderful tag.

what did i not have at hand?

the filmstrip ribbon - type charms - photo corners.
i did have he mini filmstrip stamp so i stamped it onto light transparent sheet and dried carefully with the heattool, i stamped with Jet Black Archival from Ranger, it dried fine!wfeeew!
okay i knowi didn't stamp straight,
but it does fit in with the vintage look is what i am saying if anyone asks :p

then i cut out all the clear parts, don't think i really had to do that but i did it anyway.
cut the pics to size! fiddley job glueing them in with the glossy accents;
i covered the larger photo with the same transparent sheet because i had printed on plain paper. i made the photo corners by folding plain paper then inked with walnut stain.
i found some round tags and type like sticky letters i must of bought like a century ago!
haha but seeeee! they came in handy,
never throw things out! no matter how old and dated they might seem to you!
i covered them with glossy accents (still al little dull cos it wasn't yet dry when i took the pic)
i didn't want to add the 25 cos i had done that on yesterday's tag so i put on this little snowflake charm that i got on a new cardigan i bought, cool huh!
to add a good dash of Christmas colour i dymo-ed in red. a flashy detail along with the ribbon and the beautiful poinsettia.
i stamped "fears" at the side and added a bit of page from an old french book to the left side simply cos it felt a little empty, probably cos i placed the filmstrip a bit too far to the middle, same reason why i added the vintage lace to thebottom (why am i so honest??? i could simply say it was my design!!! lol)

well anyway i like my tag, i love the bold red details! anyone who knows me also knows i sometimes like to jump out of my own comfortzone! this red on the vintage is me jumping!!
my little boy ended up having laryngitis, not the flu!
so! one little kid home ill, mind you! his throat isn't stopping him from talking non-stop! i mean NON-STOP!!!! helppppp
have a great day
* don't forget that on my birthday i am picking one lucky follower to recieve a gift*

Tuesday 8 December 2009

tag 8 four more to go

voila! tag 8, my version of it that is!

i don't have the holly stamp, nor the bells, so i improvised a bit.

i drew the holly leaves onto grungeboard freehand,

painted them green and dabbered the edges gold.

i dabbered the 25 in gold too and toned down with a bit of black distress ink.

the music stamp i don't have either so i used a diff one on the vellum.

i actually stuck the vellum on with gold paintdabber, i had it at hand and it works perfect as adhesive!! (did you not know that??? haha then you didn't do my Ragerized I workshop :))

i rubbed a bit of mustard seed distress ink where the light shud be, just to give it a glow :)

the berries at the bottom are little blobs of cranberry dimensional pearls, Ranger of course!

well, i like tim's tag and i like mine too.

short post because i'm now off to the doc with my little boy, he has flu i am guessing.

hope you are all still having fun with the tags!

i got Tim's permission to translate for my Belgian/Dutch readers!!!

so if you want a flemish/dutch version of tim's tags let me know and i will get it to you by mail asap

bye for now! have a good one xxx

(don't forget to become a follower, my birthday is coming up soon and i am giving one of my followers a presssie!!!)

Monday 7 December 2009

Tag 5 and 6 and 7!!!

look who has been busy;;;
tag 5
i used a 7Gypsies metal border, really easy, it's adhesive and cutable with tim's scissors!
i didn't have the charm fragments so i used the normal oval ones, that proved a bit of a challenge, i had to make up some kind of charm like thing so i wrapped a bit of the wire around first and then covered with foil, not quite the same but it still looks cool.
the white rub-on was replaced by some white embossing and the distress embossing powder by verdigris from the antiquities range from Ranger it works well!

tag 6
again some improvisation going on! i had no black embossing powder at hand while i was working on this yesterday so i stamped with pitch black pigment and embossed with clear, well actually, a little story... during a workshop ome time ago, i had both clear and frosted crystal open and while explaining something i picked up the wrong jar, you guessed it! i poured frosted into clear!! and yes that is what i had in my hands yesterday so my embossing as a cool mixture! and i mean cool! it is pretty neat. the fluffy white stuff that tim used as snow looks so cool but again no where to be found here in belgium so i used Aleene's glitter snow and it is nice, i had never used this before but it does the trick. i love the idea of the tree on the car! so tim! don't you think??

tag 7

the mask sheets were not available to me for this one so i made my own but i do really love tim for making these sheets! i am getting a load once they are here!

i like this tag, the white paint coming through is so vintage, along with the distress stickles and the vintage Santa really gets me into a Christmas mood.

oh because of the colours i had chosen to ink my tag (fired brick, broken china) the Merry Christmas stamp didn't show up too well so i embossed it with clear and now it really pops, it's all about making quick decisions and trusting your crazy ideas as Tim once put on a stamp!

tag 8 tomorrow!

mine will be late in the day as i am away most of the day

so many people are enjoying the tags, it is a wonderful thing that we are all sharing, it is the spirit of Xmas really!

now i am off to draw angels, i can't wait to start painting on one, i bouht the most beautiful paints today at the art store, a small fortune, oh my god they are expensive but lush lush lush!

now let me go play! i'll be back tomorrow!

and am i a good blogger or what?? two post in one day i might add!!!

and winners!!! don't forget to send me your address via mail, onlt that way can i get your goodiebag out the door, this will be Wednesday if i have all the addresses!!!

love and peace! xxx t

the winners are...

so happy people, the winners of the five goodiebags are...
i put all 17 names in my trust hat
i had no other innocent hand around but my own,
but you all know i am honest and would not peek while grabbing!!
so here goes:
all in the hat

Shana and Brenda
yay for them! Shana came to see me yestersday even though she is in the middle of her exams so mum let her on to the computer for five minutes just so she could comment on my blog to have a chance at winning and she even phoned me cos she couldn't find how to do it lol! all that trouble has payed off!!! see i told you to take a chance!!!
the Kathrynwheel!
a northern lass like me!!! ohhh glad you won to cos you had just missed out on the 100th blog draw just because you thought shopping was more fun lol!
happy for you too!!

the Scrapbookdoll
way to go M.A. ( my nickname for Marie Ann)
happy you won!! you struggled so much with the Grungepaper flower and still had the spirit to fix it when you got home! your goodiebag is on it's way haha!

Hilda is one of my trusty scrap class chicks!!! she had NOOOOOO idea how to comment on my blog, she complains to me about it every time she sees me lol! i told her to get help! and she did! and her very first comment... she wins a prize! gosh some people have all the luck!!!
happy for you Hildake!

and last but nott least!!

i only got to know Jennie after starting up the Ranger U grad group on facebook, Jennie joined and we became FB friends and started reading eachothers blogs due to the tags i think lol!
so Jennie! from one Ranger Educator to an other: Happy you won too!
and oowwwww to the people who didn't win anything, better luck next time!
thank you for all the wonderful comments
i am so grateful for you all taking the time!
the &é tags are not finished, i am behind on the weekend ones because i was busy but today they will be posted along with today's tag
i got so much feedback on my version of the tags, it is amazing really! thank you!
i have promised some of my Belgians that is will make a translation of Tim's tags for them just so they can fully understand what the guy is saying lol! it is in nooooo way to be used other than personal use and never ever to be published or passed on, please please take this into account
now in flemish so they really do get it lol:
ik zal de tim's tags vertalen in het vlaams, nederlands voor wie ze wil maar aub!!! ik druk er heel sterk op dat het echt enkel voor persoonlijk gebruik is en nooit ergens gepubliceerd kan of mag worden en ook niet doorgegeven worden aan anderen, okido, mercikes!
wie ze wil moet me maar een mailtje sturen
I am actually going to ask Tim for permission
first just so I am sure it is okay for him.
okay, so now i have done this draw, i will make the goodiebags today, make some tiny artworks to go with them
you need to mail me your addresses privatly to
also SANDRA!!! i need your address because you won the 100th blog post prize!
i am now off o the art store to go but paint!! i need some more colours to paint my angels in suzi's class, ahhhhh relaxation for me!
then i need to order some Steward Gill's paints, all the way up in Scotland! brillll paint, can't wait to get them!
so my relaxing day will be a busy one i think!
hope you all have a wonderful happy day!
oh and one more thing!!!
it's my birthday soon... no i'm not saying that to get cards or pressies! duh!!!! lol
i am going send a pressie to one of my followers! i will choose a winner, randomly of course!)
on my birthday!!!
so if you are not yet a follower, well you might want to become one before the 21st
bye my shiny happy people. xx

Friday 4 December 2009

Tag 4 and the winner is...

ok here goes, i have only 5 minutes to blog! i need to be out the door, off to the kid's Sinterklaas party at school ( sinterklaas is like Santa Claus, dont ask, i think he is weird and i don't like hime at all and i think he messes up Xmas and all that but hey, i live in Belgium so i have to adjust, or at least act like it! so i'm off to the party in four minutes!
winner of my 100th post gift is Sandra!!! congrats Sandra!!! mail me your address and i will get it to you sooooon!

tag 4 on Tim's blog was a bit of a challenge! i don't have the cut and dry felt ( didn't really like the stuff to be honest, but again, i am cinverted, i will go buy it now!!) i don't have the bubbles, not available in Belgium yet it think but i will look for them tomorrow oh and no shattered vintage glass... so i was thinking, hummm... miss this tag today but i wouldn't be me if i hadn't found a way around it all so here is my tag
i used a 1x3inch frame and the plastic bubbles is in fact cut from this:

pretty cool alternative i think! i stamped the tag and inked it spice marmalade, weathered wood and a bit of fired brick, edges with black distress then some gold paintdapper and i stamped the speckles on with he gold too. i rubbed some crystal stickles on the roof and frame, put a brad and washer on just under the roof cause i had a little bit of space from putting the roof on over the chain, lol i did do a lot my way today i guess. little girl image is from Lisa's art, i will put the link in later! i really am short for time now!!!

don't forget to leave a comment, i have loads of readers ( i can see on my counter) but not many leave a comment, please do and have a go at winning one of the five goodiebags!!! the draw is on Monday morning (CET).

ok i did NOT check for typos lol!!! i'm dashing out the door as this loads.... bye xxx

Thursday 3 December 2009

TAG 3 & 100th post on my blog!!

My third tag following Tim's 12 tags of christmas! it is a wonderful challenge to do different techniques everyday, a refreshing of knowledge plus some cool new ideas! i like this alcohol ink technique he used, Tim's tag, indeed soooo easy yet i had never tried it simply because it did not appeal to me :) but i went with him (i am such a good girl) and must agree that it is pretty cool as a background! one more for my technique tagbook (those who know me also know i take my tagbook everywhere! my little Ranger bible)

i actually only own earthtones!! i must stock up on some lights and brights. i also never saw the need of getting the pitch black! but hey... i am converted, i learned a lot today! so big thank you to Tim! see,even us Ranger Educators learn every day!!
oh yes, the acrylic saying at the top is one my friend Sue gave me. i covered it with snow cap paintdabber and wiped back off, the letters are engraved so took the paint really well, again, simple but effective, i did this on the token too, you might have noticed. i attached the saying with Tim's attacher, i did have to give the staples a little bang with the hammer on the back but it worked like a charm!
and i didn't like the black look on the tag along with my colours so i wiped over it with fired brick and stamped the speckles on.
tomorrow day 4 of the tags! come back and see what my look on it is!
and! tatatadaaaaaa! this is my 100th post on this blog!!! i don't write that often, ok , now i am writing every day due to Tim's tag challenge, i started this blog right after i had attended Ranger U in October last year and i have enjoyed it so far a&nd have come in contact with some lovely people all around the world! oh i want to move to Arizona, Spain, UK, ..... lol.
to celebrate my 100th post, the first person to comment today will recieve a little piece of my art ( if you are not a fan of my paintings then wait a bit to comment lol!)
yes, you guessed it, it will be a little doll/girl painting, especially made for you! meaning, you will have to wait a little for it to be finished :)
ohhh i wonder who is going to comment first! where will my art be travelling to????
ok! i'm off to do way more crafty arty stuff! love!!! xxxx t

Wednesday 2 December 2009

2nd Tag of Christmas

Here i am again! my second tag is done! addict??? yeah yeah maybe! lol but i have a pretty long to-do-list for today so i wanted to do this first of all cause i knew i would not have time otherwise! priorities! lol

mine of course is different to Tim's, i changed the colours, i used vintage photo on the tag instead of the suggested pine needles, my ornate stamp was the mini version, i don't own the larger one so i addes on a ticket to fill up the space. the perfect pearl splats are everywhere! i did read Tim's advice on covering anything you don't want the splats on but ummmmm.... well haha
i was over the moooooon that i had enough of the metal flowers in my treasure box! this metal rose turned out to be a fiddly event but i am not one for giving up and i made my rose and i LOVE it! OMG!!! this is so cool! I think TIM is totally generous showing us this one! you have to agree!!!
for those who are seeing me tonight or the coming weekend, i will bring my tags with me!!
I love this tag, i think it turned out just as i wanted it to! this chick is totally recharged;
and! i enroled in another Suzi Blu's class! ANGELS! i can't wait for it to start! She is such a push in my back when it comes to me expanding my drawing and painting talents! yes! i do have talent! lol! i finally admit to that.
ok! off to do some more crafty, arty stuff! and don't forget to comment to get the chance to win a goodiebag! 13 entries so far! ( lol i am not tim holtz! he got 3000 comments yesterday!!!)

Tuesday 1 December 2009

1st of 12 tags of Christmas

I'm going to try and do all 12 tags of Christmas over on Tim's blog!
This is my first one, of course i didn't have the wonderful rock candy stickles or paint so i reallllllly had to improvise on this one! i inked as he suggested, stampedpretty much as he did but then, the rock cand paint!! i covered the whole tag with Crackle accents instead, totally not the same effect but pretty neat actualy, i got some cool cracks evne though i got impatient and tried to speed up with the heattool, don't do that!!!
as you will see my snowman is totally diff but i think it does the trick,
he seems a little pink in this pic but that is my lighting cause he is in no way pink lol.
well, i can't wait to see tomorrows tag, they appear at 9am Belgian time, jsut so you know!
i bought my Xmas tree today so i will be decorating it tonight, fun!!!
and don't forget this:

with alll this generosity going around in blog land could not stay behind!
with Sinterklaas (Belgian kind of santa claus, don't ask more info, i don't know lol), my birthday and Xmas coming up in December i thought it might be time to make a few goodiebags!
goodiebag: all bits and bobs, craft stuff, a little art piece, little!!, just some fun things really!
how can you get your hands on one of these goodiebags?
by commenting on this post!! (the previous post actually)
as easy as that, ok you could start following my blog aswell, wouldn't give you more chance but it would be nice to have more followers, only if you want to of course! haha!
so just leave a comment on this post!
i have five goodiebags, or at least i will when i start making them!
i will randomly pick 5 names next monday

who knows, if there are many names to choose from i might do it all over again next week,
i'll see how it goes

have a good one!
xox tanya ( i actually can spell my name haha)