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Sunday, 10 May 2009

checking in

just quickly checking in because i had promised to upload some of my students clearbooks so my blog readers can vote on them but i just have not had time, i've been away from home for my dad, but i'll be able to upload them tomorrow, i hope because blogspot has a maintanance planned some time tomorrow so it might be the next day so come back to check them out.

to make the process a quick one i'll mail some of my foreign blog readers and ask them to vote so that way i will have a winner by the end of the week and they will be totally objective cos they don't know you all anyway :-) i'll be able to send something off to the lucky person soon!

J got his present so i can post pics tomorrow.

okay i'm off again, got some things to do before i can head off home

speak to you all tomorrow

xox tanya

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