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Monday, 11 May 2009

Evelien is the winner

the winner was chosen by my art pals from abroad, it is nice that some people are voting here but only the votes from the people i actually asked to vote count, please understand this;
i did this because then i know all the votes are valid and objective and they are genuine votes from people who do not know the contestants in any way.

Evelien is the lucky winner, you can see in the comments that she had the most votes, Marie-Anne got a vote too and so did Martine. Angelique got votes but not from my chosen jury so they don't actually count but of course it is nice for her.

I will make something special for Evelien and try and get it posted this week
along with Inge's present that should have bene posted last week but didn't!

thanks to my art pals who all took the trouble in voting when i asked them whithout warning hihi! and thanks to al my chickies who sent their work in! they were all fab!!!!! proud of you all!


  1. Tanya, I didn't get your message until 5pm Monday Arizona time. I'm so sorry I didn't get it in enough time to help you out. The books that your students designed are all lovely. I would have enjoyed taking your class!

  2. happy happy happy:-):-):-)


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