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Monday, 25 May 2009

needed some time

hi, well... i needed some time to recuperate from my most crappy perfect day evvaaaaa! it did not go well with my dad! i do not feel like explaining it all but believe me it took me many hours to stop crying and feeling angry, lost, upset and sad. still sad about it all but i realize my father does not feel like having some peace and love in his life, even now. nothing i can do about it. i now can only inform how he is through the nurses even though he forbids them to give me any info now!!! thet said he has been acting agressive to everyone and that i should not take it personally! very difficult. but one of life's lessons is to not take anything personal. His state of mind has nothing to do with me, he is only taking it out on me.
and the thing is i knwe it was all going to happen, i did say it would be a day for some home truths! and it was! i did tell him my mind.

anyway, i am calmer now, once again i just need to breathe and move on with my own life.

i helped my brother paint his livingroom, made new curtains for him, made some sipmle art to place on the big bare wall, we bbq'd, we went to see Star Trek which was brilliant! we loved it!!! my son did not understand how we were so excited about it hihi! too young! we were making vulcan signs all night long ( drinks might have had something to do with that!) i nearly got picked up while shopping for a guitar piece for my friend J, such a cute man at the counter! damn!!! my age, goodlooking hihi! he heard me talking to my brother in out english dialect and thought i was dead cute haha! he was so funny tring to imitate me, i had to say "tarrah" to him cos he thought it was so sweet hihi! damn, i should of told him it was my brother with me!!!!! dammmmmmmn! tanya!!!!! a well who knows... i might need to go back some day (two hours drive though!, used to be right around my corner !!!!) sigh................... dream on ! it was funny though and my brother said i should have asked his number hihi! he is trying to get me off the street before i expire!!! what a cheek! a well as you see there was some fun to my weekend, not all pain and loss.

right! off to the shops, fridge is pretty empty!!!

have a great day!!!! xox t


  1. So sorry to hear about your most perfect crappy day evaaa!! But is sounds like once the crapola was done, you were able to move on and have the perfect afternoon with your brother. LOVE the way his wall and the art work turned out. Wonderful job there!

    **I left you something on my blog because I think you have a wonderful attitude, and your gratitude for all things in your life make you so special!!**

    Cheers!! Hugs to you!!

  2. Damnnnnnn Tanya.......go back-there's more shopping to do :) Sorry things didn't go as well with your dad, but it sounds like everything else went well. Aren't brothers great?

  3. Sorry things didn't go well with your Dad but maybe given time you'll be able to rebuild your relationship.
    I am glad your brother was there to help to ease your pain though.
    His room looks very stylish!! and the canvases are great. Well done - and no broken legs either!!!
    Will try to give you a call this week.
    Big Hugs and well done gal!! Sue xx


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