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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

just checking in

hiya, no, i haven't dropped off the planet
i just seem to be in a periode of thinking and reading, a have been working on a little something for J but i still need to send it off in the post so i'll wait to post pics here till he has recieved it, wouldn't want to spoil the suprise! will say that i used sticky canvas, studio paints, tim's masks, needle and thread, distress inks and tim's wonderful stamps, tokens, chain,...

as i said, i'm reading alot, i am totally into Paulo Coelho!!! J recommended a couple of books and i must say i am really grateful for this!!! lovely books to read, stories that tell you something, some reflections and inspiration for life. thanks J!!! x
it's making me think loads though and that is as good as it is bad, i tend to think too much once i start off. but i'm not getting stressed or anything, maybe a tad melancholic, i admit that much, but nothing i can't handle or get rid of by doing some art journaling or poetry or just breathing and deciding to let it go. i wil soon jump into action again.

okay, off to my physical therapist again, my body is still full of painful protest, it does not agree with the changes they are trying to make in my posture even ifit is probably for the best! i kinda have stuborn muscles :-)

i'll be back soon with a bit of art to show, i'll send it off to J first.

have a great day!
xox t


  1. A little time for peaceful reflection is a good thing! Glad you are taking some time to slow down and take care of yourself. I'll be checking back on you to see what fabulous piece you made for J!! Lucky guy!!

  2. Hi. Can't wait to see the mentioned art work. J is a lucky person! Check out my blog when you get chance - a blog award for you :-) Kate


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