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Monday, 11 May 2009

clearbooks of my students

a while ago i gave a workshop on clearbooks and to get my chickies to finish their books i asked them to send them in before May 1st to win a little present from me. it has taken me a little longer to get them on due to not being home much and family issues but here they are now.

the way i want to vote is: i will mail some of my foreign readers and ask them to vote.

i aslo recieved a lovely blog award from Kate but i wil post that later this week!!! so come back because i will be passing it on to some cool artists! in the meanbtime you can go visit Kate's blog and see who she passed it on to! it is worth your time!

so! here are the clearbooks from my wonderful craft chickies! I think they all did a brilliant job. not everyone sent in their pictures but here are the ones who did!
i can't put all the pics on that i recieved so i will choose my two favourite pics of each person's clearbook.

their name is above their clearbook






so Angelique, Evelien, Marie-Anne, Martine and Sandra ( i put you in alphabetical order) thanks for sending in your work, voting will be this week and by Friday i will post the winner! good luck to all of you!!!

i promised to post pics of my little present to J but seeing this is already a long post i'll do that later this week along with the blog award :-)

have a nice day!

mine started in loads of grrrrr and F**** i had probably not closed the freezer door properly when i shoved something in at the last minute! so the f****** freezer defrosted over the weekend while i wasn't home and my home had such nasty cat pee kinda smell when i came home, i don't have a cat so i kinda freaked but could not find the reason till this morning! so at 7 am i had to throw out a full bin bag of food! all smelly fish, scampi, steak, veg, soup, azrggghhhh! loads of money in the bin and what a job for a monday morning before my coffee!

anyway! no use in getting upset! it is done, i will now make myself a nice cuppa and move on with my day;

first i'll mail some of my readers to kindly ask them to vote for me!

Next week i will randomly choose one of my blog followers as a lucky winner for a little something from me! so if you are not yet a follower you still have time to become one!! ( see little box on the left, go up to top of blog hihi!)

xox tanya


  1. Hello, everyone from Barcelona, Spain.
    WOW. This is a REALLY hard vote to make for best album because all four of them are strikingly beautiful.
    I have had a really hard time trying to pick one over the others.
    Congratulations to each of you on creating such lovely albums.
    Evelien is my choice.
    Cheers, all! lisa

  2. Hola from Javea in Spain
    Five fabulous albums - well done ladies. They really are beautiful but I wouldn't expect anything less with such an inspiring teacher!!! Yes, Tanya you have given the judges a difficult task - however, my vote goes to Evelien.
    Hasta luego
    Sue x

  3. What a beautiful group of entries....I think my personal favorite is Evelien. It is delicate and visually beautiful.
    But, my congratulations to every one of them...taking all that time to make such enriching art. Bravo !

  4. Hello :) Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and for the compliment on my art. It really meant a lot to me. As for my vote, I have chosen to vote for Martine. I love the colors and the butterflies. Sorry to hear about your fridge experience, that doesn't sound like fun. If it makes you feel any better, I woke up at 5 am and then realized that I don't have any caffeine available. lol, life can be funny sometimes. Have a good day.

  5. All so very yummy, these projects. I think Marie-Anne's is my favorite.

  6. i go two more votes via email, from diane in seattle and from chantal in the netherlands, they both voted Evelien!!!
    gr tanya

  7. Oh, this is really tough - they are all really beautiful. As I scrolled down the blog I kept thinking....ah, this is the one....ah this is the one.......! Hmmmm, I am going to vote for Evelien, but it was a toughy! Kate

  8. Exactly, it's a real challenge. Every clearbook is identical and even beautiful as the other. For me, sometimes it was a difficult job. I had so many ideas but then I have to realize them. That wasn't allways easy, also because it was my first project and first time working with the (great) Ranger products. But, when I looked at my creation I think he's not so very bad......... And I'm hoping (and I think I speak for each of us) to get some reactions of professional scrappers, and they're making me a scrap a holic!!!
    So Tanya, I wanna thank you for the great workshop and I warned you, you ever gonna see me again, hi hi!
    Bye, Angelique
    P.s. I hope my English was pretty ok?!

  9. i knew it was a difficult task and that is why i gladly gave it to some of my art pals around the world hihi! and i don't have to wait till the end of the week to tell you that EVELIEN has won the vote! congrats Evelien!!!!!
    and to all the rest of you! you did make it difficult for my jury to choose! so that shows you all did a great job and i am a lucky chick to have such talent in my classes! hoping to see you all soon, yes angelique i am expecting you to become Ranger(scrap)crazy! i'm proud of all of you! it because of you all that my classes are so fun to do!
    xox tanya

  10. hai,
    they are all so lovely...
    i choose for angelique,because its pretty nice done..good luck to all of you..

  11. ik heb ze allemaal bekeken en mijn stem is gevallen op angelique haar scrapboek saskia

  12. Hey,
    ze zijn allemaal zeer mooi, maar ik vind die van Angelique toch net dat ietsje meer dus stem ik voor Angelique! Hup meid, zeer goed gedaan!!!

  13. ze hebben allemaal heel goed hun best gedaan
    vind ze allemaal heel goed geslaagd
    groetjes natacha


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