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Sunday, 31 May 2009

my followers

hi, i promised i would draw a name from my followers as thanks for following my blog.
i put the names in the hat even anonymous nr one and two and my little boy pulled out...
so Charlot when you read this please mail me your details so i can send you a litle something for you as thanks for following my blog!
what am i up to? nothing much, lazy out in the garden enjoying the nice weather, resting my ankle cos it really is playing up again. so feet up, drawing pad and pencils at hand, ipod on...
playing with some new faces, just relaxing

hope you all have a wonderful day
xox t


  1. I like this new face! I'm with you - relaxing, chillin' and grillin' these days. At least until our first summer travel, which is coming up soon. Heading north for some cooler weather and some family drama... I mean fun!!! I'll be in touch!!

  2. It sounds like a lovely way to spend a day...good for you!

  3. Bedankt dat ik er uitgekozen ben! Vind het fantastisch, maar hoe moet ik je mijn gegevens doorsturen; is het mijn adres dat je moet hebben?

  4. Ok breng het maar mee naar Hobby Farm..
    Alvast bedankt he!
    Gr Charlot

  5. What a great way to spend the day!!! Super! I like very much your drawing! She is soo cute!
    Hugs, Sanda


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