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Friday, 18 December 2009

sticky back canvas flower

remember my flower on tag 12?

made with sticky back canvas instead of Grungepaper? well, i showed it to Claudine (Hellmuth) and she loved it, she is so sweet! so i am getting another link in her next linky shout. and some of you have asked for a tutorial!!! i will be doing one soon, very soon, promise! i've got to finish translating tim's tags first, he was so sweet to give me permission to do so for my Belgian readers who would love to understand every singlel detail seeing that google translater does some funny things to the language at times :)

i got all the goodiebags out the door, hope they have arrived, UK ones might take a few days.

my painmeds got upped again, yes, again! my foot is proving to be very stuborn.

got alllll my Xmas shopping done today, yes that hurt my foot loads but hey it had to be done! and it is, i am proud to say that all is wrapped and sitting under the tree,
big sigh of relief going on here!

i am not happy when it comes to showering! i can't! i have no hot water, the boiler has given upon us and it seems it going to be a very difficult call in getting it fixed or replaced, really hard when you have little kids and especially a six year old with waistlong hair!

try washing that in the kitchen sink!

it's a bummer! all i can say!
see these tatoos? i love them! i want them! smaller, lots smaller! closer together and in a hidden place, hip or something. don't know if i am getting them lol! but i want to! :)

what else have i got to tell?
oh my birthday is sooooon so if you are not yet a follower to my blog then maybe you want to become one before Monday! because on my birthday, which is huuuhhh... on Monday lol i will be giving one lucky follower a present.
have a great weekend and if you have kids you will know that Christmas holiday has started, school reports were handed over to mammy today, they were good, proud of my kids, always, no matter what, but yeah they did well, cool!
right, enough chatting!
have a great weekend


  1. Glad you are getting a link from Claudine for your hard work. Your flower is lovely. I made mine with alcohol ink on glossy card and told Tim but no response - still suppose he's a busy bunny!!!
    Presumably you have no heating either if your bolier is kaput - not a good time to break down this cold weather.Brrrrrrr!....
    ....and Ouch is all I can say to your idea of a tattoo - Its a lovely design and I like them on other people but am too much of a wuss to have one myself!
    Happy that the kids school reports were good - take care of that foot as you will be extra busy now they are on school holidays.

    Love n hugs
    Sue xxxxx

  2. Always nice to get a little shout out!! Yay for you!! Hope your boiler situation gets resolved soon. Big bummer to not have hot water!! But no heat??? Yikes!!
    Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  3. It is a great flower :) . Have a good weekend, and hope the foot is less painful
    Hugs xx

  4. Pakketje ontvangen en ik ben er superblij mee heel leuke tag en superspulletjes...
    Meer verklap ik niet want anders is het niet meer leuk voor de anderen... ;o)
    Heel erg bedankt :-)

    je bloem is heel mooi en leuk dat je een link krijgt van claudine.

    een engel- en duivelvogel...leuk

  5. Love your sticky back canvas flower...great color. Congrats on the Claudine link...it's always nice to get feed back.
    PS...your tags have been wonderful!

  6. Happy B*day today.

    Greetings Monique

  7. oooh... those tattoos looks really nice~

  8. Of course Claudine loved the flower. It's fabulous! congrats!!!!

  9. Hello Tanya,

    I just read all your posts about the tags : it's nice to see what you came up with when you missed stuff.

    I know you have a lot, but probably not everything of Tim ! LOL

    I just posted my last tags on my blog : I combined 3 tags in one blogpost and tonight I posted my last post about it...

    The tags took a lot of time, but I'm glad I made them all : some techniques are right into my fingers now :)

    I hope your problems with the boiler are fixed. My mom was two days without heating in her apartment... And it's not the weather for things like that !!!

    I hope you had a good Christmasevening with your kids and that you enjoy vacation.

    greetings from Waarschoot

  10. Pretty cool blog- I like the tats-- don't want them but they are pretty cool.


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