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Friday, 4 December 2009

Tag 4 and the winner is...

ok here goes, i have only 5 minutes to blog! i need to be out the door, off to the kid's Sinterklaas party at school ( sinterklaas is like Santa Claus, dont ask, i think he is weird and i don't like hime at all and i think he messes up Xmas and all that but hey, i live in Belgium so i have to adjust, or at least act like it! so i'm off to the party in four minutes!
winner of my 100th post gift is Sandra!!! congrats Sandra!!! mail me your address and i will get it to you sooooon!

tag 4 on Tim's blog was a bit of a challenge! i don't have the cut and dry felt ( didn't really like the stuff to be honest, but again, i am cinverted, i will go buy it now!!) i don't have the bubbles, not available in Belgium yet it think but i will look for them tomorrow oh and no shattered vintage glass... so i was thinking, hummm... miss this tag today but i wouldn't be me if i hadn't found a way around it all so here is my tag
i used a 1x3inch frame and the plastic bubbles is in fact cut from this:

pretty cool alternative i think! i stamped the tag and inked it spice marmalade, weathered wood and a bit of fired brick, edges with black distress then some gold paintdapper and i stamped the speckles on with he gold too. i rubbed some crystal stickles on the roof and frame, put a brad and washer on just under the roof cause i had a little bit of space from putting the roof on over the chain, lol i did do a lot my way today i guess. little girl image is from Lisa's art, i will put the link in later! i really am short for time now!!!

don't forget to leave a comment, i have loads of readers ( i can see on my counter) but not many leave a comment, please do and have a go at winning one of the five goodiebags!!! the draw is on Monday morning (CET).

ok i did NOT check for typos lol!!! i'm dashing out the door as this loads.... bye xxx


  1. This looks like a fun one. I need to get my girl off to school before I can play!!

  2. ik moest zo lachen vanmiddag toen in Tim's blog las en die tag bekeek. Ik dacht meteen hoe gaat Tanya dat doen? ik vond hem best pittig, tis te zeggen je moet veel spullen hebben die niet echt standaard zijn.
    Maar hij is super geworden hoor. Crea om het zo op te lossen.

  3. Excellent use of packaging! I keep all mine now, as I KNOW they will be useful! lol
    Loving what you have done:)

  4. hihi goed idee, maar wat heb je da&n gebruikt in plaats van de cut n dry felt?
    in elk geval je tag is goed gelukt

  5. wouldn't be you if you didn't put your own spin on something - I think you and your work are just fabulous.
    Love n hugs Sue xx

  6. Hee Tanya!
    is wel een leuk idee om een workshop van te maken..
    weer nieuwe technieken en mooie resultaten om overal in te verwerken.
    En misschien een stille hint: wij staan steeds open voor nieuwe uitdagingen!
    Het resultaat van alles wat je doet en maakt mag er steeds zijn... Net zoals deze nieuwe tag!
    Vele groetjes en nog veel tag-plezier!
    Zien al uit naar een volgende tag en workshop met jou!
    xx Shana en Brenda

  7. Hallo Tanya, je tags zien er goed uit. Ik doe ook een poging met de spullen die ik heb, en soms zijn ze best goed. Groetjes, Vera de Rooij
    ( oranje canvas )

  8. Dag Tanya,
    kom juist terug van Balgerhoeke en heb je tags in het echt gezien. Dit zijn echte kunstwerkjes van hoog niveau!!!Jij geeft me telkensweer zoveel knutselkriebels;
    Veel liefs

  9. Good job, Tanya!! I love using stuff I would normally just throw away! XOXO


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