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Monday, 7 December 2009

Tag 5 and 6 and 7!!!

look who has been busy;;;
tag 5
i used a 7Gypsies metal border, really easy, it's adhesive and cutable with tim's scissors!
i didn't have the charm fragments so i used the normal oval ones, that proved a bit of a challenge, i had to make up some kind of charm like thing so i wrapped a bit of the wire around first and then covered with foil, not quite the same but it still looks cool.
the white rub-on was replaced by some white embossing and the distress embossing powder by verdigris from the antiquities range from Ranger it works well!

tag 6
again some improvisation going on! i had no black embossing powder at hand while i was working on this yesterday so i stamped with pitch black pigment and embossed with clear, well actually, a little story... during a workshop ome time ago, i had both clear and frosted crystal open and while explaining something i picked up the wrong jar, you guessed it! i poured frosted into clear!! and yes that is what i had in my hands yesterday so my embossing as a cool mixture! and i mean cool! it is pretty neat. the fluffy white stuff that tim used as snow looks so cool but again no where to be found here in belgium so i used Aleene's glitter snow and it is nice, i had never used this before but it does the trick. i love the idea of the tree on the car! so tim! don't you think??

tag 7

the mask sheets were not available to me for this one so i made my own but i do really love tim for making these sheets! i am getting a load once they are here!

i like this tag, the white paint coming through is so vintage, along with the distress stickles and the vintage Santa really gets me into a Christmas mood.

oh because of the colours i had chosen to ink my tag (fired brick, broken china) the Merry Christmas stamp didn't show up too well so i embossed it with clear and now it really pops, it's all about making quick decisions and trusting your crazy ideas as Tim once put on a stamp!

tag 8 tomorrow!

mine will be late in the day as i am away most of the day

so many people are enjoying the tags, it is a wonderful thing that we are all sharing, it is the spirit of Xmas really!

now i am off to draw angels, i can't wait to start painting on one, i bouht the most beautiful paints today at the art store, a small fortune, oh my god they are expensive but lush lush lush!

now let me go play! i'll be back tomorrow!

and am i a good blogger or what?? two post in one day i might add!!!

and winners!!! don't forget to send me your address via mail, onlt that way can i get your goodiebag out the door, this will be Wednesday if i have all the addresses!!!

love and peace! xxx t


  1. Waw! How 'chic' to be Rangers Certified, Tanya!!! :D I myself took classes with Tim Holtz at CKU Provo-2009, but only for 5 hours... Yet, yes, I could learn and fall in love with vintage techniques. Best X-Mas Wishes!!! Scrap Hugs and Kisses, Julia Saddi

  2. Lovely tags. Especially love the colours on the last one and the way the santa peeps thru the colours :-) Which paints did you get today? Tell me tell me! Just love paints, you can't ever have enough!

  3. Your tags look awesome! I got hung up yesterday as I was missing a number of things. Then today - I'm missing everything! I ordered the stamp set (wanted it anyway!!) so I'll get it done eventually. But yours - look totally RAD!!

  4. Hey! Love your tags and great you caught up! Yesterdays was a mission for me, just tired I think, hopefully today's will be better! Have a good day

  5. SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Tanya
    Here's you doing what you do best - using an idea and putting a "Tanya" spin on it. In fact, I love your day 7 tag even better than Tim's (shush - don't tell) but its true. I haven't got round to making even Christmas cards for family yet - might have to resort to going round the shop looking for samples which are clean enough to send!!! never mind keeping up with Tim's tags!!! lol!


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