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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tag 10 quick quick

first of all, i love Ti'ms colourful tag!!!i only have one fillable pen with cranberry in it so i went for the one colour on my tag which makes it totally diffferent than with the colour blocks. i did go back in the end with some wild plum on a felt but it isn't so easy cos of he thickness of the grungeboard letters so i got a real random look which is actually pretty but does not show on pic at all. i went with an espresso dabber instead of the black, just felt a little too harsh with my one colour. i wanted to add some stickles somewhere... hummm might still rub some on.
i have been playing with Ten Second Studio metals for a while now but i didn't have the metal foil so i had to use cheapy narrow metal and put down strokes of it! and it was way too thin and ripped so i needed to put down a second layer, you see, a tag with issues lol but still fun even with my limitations of materials. we did something like this at Ranger U and i loved it then too! In 2010 it will be turning up on some of the classes so watch out. there is something relaxing about embossing metal... aaaahhh
well, anyway, my tag much prettier in real, pic is not doing it any justice at all but i am not going to take a new pic lol i am in painting mode!!! painting ANGELS!!! maybe that is why the tag is a quick quick version. i want to paint!!!! what can i say? i'm having fun with the big wings and the soft faces and the light coming from all around... ok you get the picture, you know what kind of mood i'm in lol

oh and angel in the ba&ck is nowhere near finished so don't judge her apperiances just yet :)

off to my physical therapist for some pain and suffering no doubt! thne back to painting

hope your day is a supercool one! xxx


  1. I love this tag! What a nice colourful one! And that metail foil looks great!

  2. As usual - LOVE IT!! I had to run out this morning to the hardware store to get some metal tape because not a single store here has Tim's product!! I'll have some seams in my tag, too, but we'll see in the end! **If I ever get started!! I still need to blog #8 & #9. #7 is on hold for the postal package!!

  3. weer een hele leuke tag, dat is ook iets wat ik graag zou doen....

  4. Like your tag, you have to be very gentle with the metal tape , but agree it is very therapeutic ( long word , did I spell it right?) lol

  5. This tag is awesome!
    Ì just don't understand how you do it every time...
    There all very beautifull!
    xx Shana


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