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Thursday, 3 December 2009

TAG 3 & 100th post on my blog!!

My third tag following Tim's 12 tags of christmas! it is a wonderful challenge to do different techniques everyday, a refreshing of knowledge plus some cool new ideas! i like this alcohol ink technique he used, Tim's tag, indeed soooo easy yet i had never tried it simply because it did not appeal to me :) but i went with him (i am such a good girl) and must agree that it is pretty cool as a background! one more for my technique tagbook (those who know me also know i take my tagbook everywhere! my little Ranger bible)

i actually only own earthtones!! i must stock up on some lights and brights. i also never saw the need of getting the pitch black! but hey... i am converted, i learned a lot today! so big thank you to Tim! see,even us Ranger Educators learn every day!!
oh yes, the acrylic saying at the top is one my friend Sue gave me. i covered it with snow cap paintdabber and wiped back off, the letters are engraved so took the paint really well, again, simple but effective, i did this on the token too, you might have noticed. i attached the saying with Tim's attacher, i did have to give the staples a little bang with the hammer on the back but it worked like a charm!
and i didn't like the black look on the tag along with my colours so i wiped over it with fired brick and stamped the speckles on.
tomorrow day 4 of the tags! come back and see what my look on it is!
and! tatatadaaaaaa! this is my 100th post on this blog!!! i don't write that often, ok , now i am writing every day due to Tim's tag challenge, i started this blog right after i had attended Ranger U in October last year and i have enjoyed it so far a&nd have come in contact with some lovely people all around the world! oh i want to move to Arizona, Spain, UK, ..... lol.
to celebrate my 100th post, the first person to comment today will recieve a little piece of my art ( if you are not a fan of my paintings then wait a bit to comment lol!)
yes, you guessed it, it will be a little doll/girl painting, especially made for you! meaning, you will have to wait a little for it to be finished :)
ohhh i wonder who is going to comment first! where will my art be travelling to????
ok! i'm off to do way more crafty arty stuff! love!!! xxxx t


  1. amai die is mooi geworden!
    Doe zo verder zou ik zeggen!!


  2. Bummer!! I'm #2!! LOVE the tag you did!! Yes, I'll get working on mine.... soon!! Busy morning here, but I've managed to stop and pick up a new bottle of blending solution so I'm ready to go.... I'm going to use a single tree stamp like you, since I don't own the stamp Tim used. BUT - I DO have the Santa stamp he used on the second tag so I'll use that one for my second tag. I'm doing 2 tags each day as it is, so Tim's got me going now!! I'll drop back later!!!! Have a great day, Tanya!!

  3. gefeliciteerd met je 100e post en je tag is weer heel leuk geworden, jammer dat ik derdes ben.....ik had wel graag een kunstwerkje gekregen...

  4. Oh noooooooo! I went out shopping today (the first time in months) and missed this very important blog post :-(
    Anyway, cingrats on your 100th post.

  5. Hoi Tanya,
    Ook je 3de tag is weer heel mooi, ik ben vandaag ook bezig geweest en de tags zijn goed gelukt. ik kijk al uit naar de volgende. Ik ben ook al goed bezig met die paperbag album. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel inkten haha
    Groetjes Hilda xxx

  6. The tag is great. I love the colours you chose: nice and non-traditional.

    And yes, black alcohol ink is an absolute must! Try it on silver mirrorcard. Or red mirrorcard. Or... You get the idea!

  7. Congrats on your 100th post - glad Tim can get you blogging regularly.
    Loving your takes on his tags.
    Hugs Sue xx

  8. OHHHH your plaid turned out lovely!!


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