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Monday, 7 December 2009

the winners are...

so happy people, the winners of the five goodiebags are...
i put all 17 names in my trust hat
i had no other innocent hand around but my own,
but you all know i am honest and would not peek while grabbing!!
so here goes:
all in the hat

Shana and Brenda
yay for them! Shana came to see me yestersday even though she is in the middle of her exams so mum let her on to the computer for five minutes just so she could comment on my blog to have a chance at winning and she even phoned me cos she couldn't find how to do it lol! all that trouble has payed off!!! see i told you to take a chance!!!
the Kathrynwheel!
a northern lass like me!!! ohhh glad you won to cos you had just missed out on the 100th blog draw just because you thought shopping was more fun lol!
happy for you too!!

the Scrapbookdoll
way to go M.A. ( my nickname for Marie Ann)
happy you won!! you struggled so much with the Grungepaper flower and still had the spirit to fix it when you got home! your goodiebag is on it's way haha!

Hilda is one of my trusty scrap class chicks!!! she had NOOOOOO idea how to comment on my blog, she complains to me about it every time she sees me lol! i told her to get help! and she did! and her very first comment... she wins a prize! gosh some people have all the luck!!!
happy for you Hildake!

and last but nott least!!

i only got to know Jennie after starting up the Ranger U grad group on facebook, Jennie joined and we became FB friends and started reading eachothers blogs due to the tags i think lol!
so Jennie! from one Ranger Educator to an other: Happy you won too!
and oowwwww to the people who didn't win anything, better luck next time!
thank you for all the wonderful comments
i am so grateful for you all taking the time!
the &é tags are not finished, i am behind on the weekend ones because i was busy but today they will be posted along with today's tag
i got so much feedback on my version of the tags, it is amazing really! thank you!
i have promised some of my Belgians that is will make a translation of Tim's tags for them just so they can fully understand what the guy is saying lol! it is in nooooo way to be used other than personal use and never ever to be published or passed on, please please take this into account
now in flemish so they really do get it lol:
ik zal de tim's tags vertalen in het vlaams, nederlands voor wie ze wil maar aub!!! ik druk er heel sterk op dat het echt enkel voor persoonlijk gebruik is en nooit ergens gepubliceerd kan of mag worden en ook niet doorgegeven worden aan anderen, okido, mercikes!
wie ze wil moet me maar een mailtje sturen
I am actually going to ask Tim for permission
first just so I am sure it is okay for him.
okay, so now i have done this draw, i will make the goodiebags today, make some tiny artworks to go with them
you need to mail me your addresses privatly to
also SANDRA!!! i need your address because you won the 100th blog post prize!
i am now off o the art store to go but paint!! i need some more colours to paint my angels in suzi's class, ahhhhh relaxation for me!
then i need to order some Steward Gill's paints, all the way up in Scotland! brillll paint, can't wait to get them!
so my relaxing day will be a busy one i think!
hope you all have a wonderful happy day!
oh and one more thing!!!
it's my birthday soon... no i'm not saying that to get cards or pressies! duh!!!! lol
i am going send a pressie to one of my followers! i will choose a winner, randomly of course!)
on my birthday!!!
so if you are not yet a follower, well you might want to become one before the 21st
bye my shiny happy people. xx


  1. yay yay yay!! That's me! Oh I'm so happy, you have made my day :-))) Thanks so much. Will e-mail my addy later, unfortunately I have to dash off to work right now. But I am happy happy happy!

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  3. Hi Tanya, thank you so much, this has made my day! :)

  4. Joepie, ik ben er bij....een leuk kerstkadootje.
    Dank je wel :-)


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