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Friday 12 June 2009

not much to tell, just checking in

hiya, it 's been a few days so i'm checking in, not that i have much to tell!

i went for a bone scan on Monday, still waiting for the results, however i do know something was to be seen, what and how bad is still the million dollar question i'm afraid, so needless to say i am a bit stressed even though i am really trying to stay cool and occupied, sleeping seems to be a little bit of a problem.

i've been painting a little, drawing alot, writing alot, reading more, playing poker online (waste of time and not for real money!!! shame or i would be rich by now...but keeps me occupied!)

i would so love to get up and dancing! anyway dancing or not i am going to a nice 70's- 80's retro party in a few weeks time and going out with some of my girlfriends, so looking forward to a night of mojitos and laughter and funny clothes.

hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! lots of Sun and Love or chocolate :)

xox tanya


  1. Sending love, hugs and lots of chocolate your way :)

  2. Hmmm. That doesn't sound good. Thinking of you. Keep us informed. Kate :-)

  3. What do you mean "funny clothes"...that's what I used to wear way back then! Hoping for the best with your scan.

  4. Just got home yesterday. Checking in on you. Hoping you're feeling okay, and that the scan comes back okay. I'm all in on the night of mojitos and laughter - funny clothes and all!!


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